Ball control skills is the foundation of the pyramid of player development.

But what is ball control or ball coordination exactly? What are the advantages of ball control drills? How much training does a player need to do? And how should we deal with frustration when a certain move or drill is hard to master?

These instructional articles will give you some answers.



Pyramid of player development

When you master the ball, you master the game.

The opposite is equally true.

How much training?

Although soccer may be a passion for many young soccer players, there are other obligations in life that requires attention. School should have the highest priority.

A good balance is important because when one priority doesn't get the attention it requires it can lead to stress that has a big influence on performances elsewhere.

What is Ball Coordination?

Every movement we do with our limbs requires a complex cooperation between our central nervous system and our muscles.

By contraction and relaxing, our muscles are able to move our joints they are connected to by the tendons.

How to deal with frustration?

Learning new moves requires a complex cooperation between the central nervous system and the motor-units in the muscles it controls. The player initially has to focus really hard on the correct execution but even then making mistakes is very common.

After repeatedly failed attempts, frustration start to surface.

Advantages of Ball Control Drills

There are more advantages to gain doing ball control drills than just boosting the ball coordination skills.