A picture tells you more than a thousand words. Imagine what these videos could do for you.

Watch them carefully and then it is all up to you.

Practise ... FAIL ... Practise some more and eventually, you will MASTER IT!

  • Ball Control

    Ball Control

    When you have a high ball feel and coordination, you master the ball.

    When you master the ball, you will be ahead of the game.

  • 1v1 Moves

    1v1 Moves

    A player has three choices when he has ball possession. He/she can dive in open space, pass to a teammate or defeat the opponent with a 1v1 move. While the first and second options might be the most sensible and safest, they might be impossible when the player is put under pressure by the opponents. A fast and surprising 1v1 move is then all what's left to keep ball possession.


    No player would be complete without a large collection of possible 1v1 moves under his belt to defeat an opponent.

    Not every move is usable in every situation. But when a player masters several moves, he/she will have a better chance to handle it.

    It is key for a player to recognise the situation in a split second and act accordingly.

  • Strength and Conditioning