Change of Direction

When a player isn't able to pass the ball to a teammate and the opponent is coming on to you from the side or is running side by side with you, then a sudden change of direction could give you just enough time and space to get in a better position to pass the ball or dive in an open zone.

Remember, keeping ball possession is a priority.

  • U-Turns


    When the zone in front of you is too crowded to break through, turn away and find another option. These 1v1 moves are effective when the defender is in front of you, at your side or coming from the side.

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  • Crossing


    When a defender is too eager while coming in from the side, it is easy to outsmart him by crossing in the same direction where he came from.

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  • Quick Turns

    Quick Turns

    Attackers are often positioned with their back to the goal of the opponent when they receive a pass. They must turn quickly to take advantage of the small opportunity to shoot or defeat the defender.

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