Slap Stepover (Okocha) - Crossing - 1v1 Moves for U10-U11

Slap Stepover (Okocha) - Crossing - Change of Direction - 1v1 Moves for U10-U11

A defender coming in from the side can be surprised by turning in the direction the defender is coming from. This Slap Stepover which is also known as the Okocha, is a highly effective 1v1 soccer move suitable for the age group U10-U11.

Similar moves:

When starting with the right foot:

(Switch left and right below when starting with the left foot)

  1. Dribble with the right foot.
  2. Keep an eye on the defender coming from the side (left).
  3. Close in on the ball.
  4. Roll the ball with the right foot to the left passing in front of the left foot (support foot).
  5. Step over the ball with the left foot as soon as the right foot touches the ground and the ball passed in front of the left foot.
  6. Take the ball with the inside of the right foot and accelerate away from the defender.

Things to watch out for:

  1. Roll the ball at the same angle of the path the defender is coming from.