Shuffle Turn - 1v1 Moves - Change of Direction - Quick Turns for U12-U13

Shuffle Turn - 1v1 Moves - Change of Direction - Quick Turns for U12-U13

Quick Turns are an excellent way to turn fast towards the goal after receiving the ball while having a defender at your back. This 1v1 soccer move is suitable for the age group U12-U13 and above.

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When starting with the right foot:

(Switch left and right below when starting with the left foot)

  1. Stay before the defender (defender in your back).
  2. Check your shoulder to be aware of the defender.
  3. Come into the ball.
  4. Reposition fast to be lined up correctly to receive the ball with the right foot.
  5. Deflect the ball with the right foot to transfer it to the left foot.
  6. At the same time:
    1. Put the right foot forward as to make enough space for the ball to pass behind.
    2. Touch the ball with the inside of the left foot to make it pass behind the support foot.
  7. Turn to the right.
  8. Accelerate away, pass, shoot or perform a 1v1 move to pass the defender.

Things to watch out for:

    1. Don't stand rigid on the legs but flex the knees a bit.
    2. Adapt quickly to the path of the ball since the ideal path has very narrow boundaries.
    3. Timing is important! Start lifting the support foot just before the first touch to be in the air just after.
    4. The first touch is just a gentle deflection to transfer the ball to the other foot.
    5. Start turning as soon as the ball passes behind the support foot.
    6. Close in on the ball as soon as possible.