Sidestep - Feints and Fakes - 1v1 Moves for U8-U9

Sidestep - Feints and Fakes - 1v1 Moves for U8-U9


Practise these drills along with this 1v1 move: Take Sidestep (Static Ball Control Drill for U8-U9) and Take Sidestep (Dynamic Ball Mastery Drill).

The Sidestep is a relative simple but very effective move when done right. The feint factor is very important here and the entire body should be used to get the defender on the wrong foot.

When starting with the right foot:

(Switch left and right below when starting with the left foot)

  1. Dribble with the right foot towards the defender.
  2. Step wide along the ball with the left foot which becomes the support foot.
  3. Bend your left knee to absorb the shock and load energy.
  4. Bring your right foot in position to take the ball.
  5. Take the ball to pass the defender (45┬░ angle).
  6. Accelerate away from the defender.

Things to watch out for:

  1. Timing is important and dependent on the speed of the attacker.
  2. When stepping wide along the ball, plant your foot on a lateral line in front of the ball since the ball keeps moving forward when exercising the move.
  3. This move needs some acting to be effective. Use your entire body.
  4. Dribble right, step wide left and take to the right (or the exact opposite when dribbling left). This will help the timing of your feet.