Take Outside Cut - Cones Dribbling Drills for U8-U9

Take Outside Cut - Cones Dribbling Drills for U8-U9


This drills builds on the Take Outside Cut (Static Ball Control Drill for U8-U9).

When starting with the right foot:

(Switch left and right below when starting with the left foot)

  1. Take position on the left side of the first cone.
  2. Take the ball through the middle of the first cones with the right foot.
  3. Once through the cones, cut the ball with the outside of the right foot.
  4. Immediately after the cut bring the right foot beyond the ball in order to make room for the left foot.
  5. The right foot becomes the support foot.
  6. Take the ball with the left foot through the cones.
  7. Step 1-6 is the same for the left foot.

Things to watch out for:

  1. The take move through the cones is crucial. Guide the ball a bit, don't kick it.
  2. Keep the force and angle of the takes consistent.
  3. Try to aim for the middle between cones and keep a 45┬░ angle. It is more of a zig-zag through the cones than going around the cones.