Shuffle Scissor Skip Behind - Fast Footwork Drills for U12-U13

Shuffle Scissor Skip Behind - Static Ball Control Drills for U12-U13


This drill builds on:

When starting with the right foot:

(Switch left and right below when starting with the left foot)

  1. Stand behind the ball (the ball close and between both feet).
  2. Shuffle 5 or 7 times (uneven and starting with the left).
  3. After the last shuffle (left) and at the same time:
    1. Move the right foot around the ball from the inside to the outside (Scissor).
    2. Jump on left foot to close in to the ball (to the right).
  4. Touch the ball with the inside of the left foot (Skip).
  5. Touch the ball with the inside of the right foot to let it pass the support foot (left)
  6. Turn 90° to the left.
  7. Continue steps 2-6.

Things to watch out for:

  1. Don't stand rigid on the legs but flex the knees a bit.
  2. Try to follow a square path.
  3. Start slow and increase the speed of execution step by step.
  4. Go around the ball with the feet and not over the ball (scissor and recovering after the 90°-turn for the next shuffle).
  5. The ball should always be on the move.