Sole Stop - Wall Work Drills for U6-U7

Sole Stop - Wall Work Drills for U6-U7


When starting with the right foot:

(Switch left and right below when starting with the left foot)

  1. Stand behind the ball (ball in front of right foot).
  2. Pass the ball to the wall with the inside of the right foot.
  3. Reposition (jumping not required) to be able to receive the ball straight at the right foot.
  4. Stop the ball with the sole of the right foot.
  5. Continue steps 2-4.

Things to watch out for:

  1. Don't stand rigid on the legs but flex the knees a bit.
  2. Pass straight to the wall to receive the ball back at the correct angle.
  3. Stand exactly in the path of the ball upon receiving.
  4. Keep the receiving foot at an angle to avoid to let the ball pass under it.
  5. Don't 'step on' the ball. There is too much risk the ball passes under the receiving foot.
  6. Jumping on receiving is not required but makes it easier to reposition fast.
  7. Take a small step back or jump on the passing foot to reposition for the next pass.